Part of Gare du Nord station to be closed at night

The Brussels-Capital Region has decided to close a part of the Gare du Nord station at night.

The decision was made after several bus drivers and passengers expressed concern about their safety over the last few months. This in turn was due to the fact that many homeless people and refugees have repeatedly used the bus terminals at Gare du Nord as places to sleep at night.

Last week, the Flemish minister for Mobility, Ben Weyts, asked De Lijn, the Flemish bus operator, to remove its permanent terminal at Gare du Nord, and to set up several temporary ones instead in front of the station. However, several technical and administrative issues have to be settled before this plan can be implemented.


This is why a part of the station is closed at night. Moreover, as the rest of the station will remain open, many refugees and homeless people will still be able to find a place to sleep at the station.

It would appear that the Brussels-Capital Region justified its decision because of a lack of action by the Belgian Federal authorities on the issue of refugee management.

Representatives from De Lijn, Brussels-Capital and the Federal authorities will meet up to discuss the matter further.