More than 900 infractions issued during police operation on Brussels’ public transport system

An integrated police operation (“FIPA”) was conducted last week on Wednesday from 2pm to 8pm on the Brussels public transport system.

Of the 11,914 travellers inspected, 887 were found to be without a valid STIB ticket, according to figures released by the Belgian Federal Police.

Regional trains coming in and out of the capital were also checked: 34 trains and 4,547 passengers were examined in total, and 16 passengers were found not to possess a valid SNCB ticket.

The inspections were carried out at Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi, as well as at 24 other stations on the Brussels metro/tram/bus network, including those at Botanique, Stéphanie, Simonis, Montgomery, Petillon, Yser and Bourse.

In addition, the police carried out checks on 49 private vehicles and 486 other individuals in the vicinity of these stations, some of whom were found to be in possession of drugs, prohibited weapons, and invalid residence permits.



The police’s primary aim in carrying out this operation is to reduce the level of crime in the capital’s public transport system and to increase the safety of its users. Special attention was given by the police to the trafficking of drugs, stimulants and weapons, as well as the use of forged and falsified documents.

The operation was organised by the Coordination and Support Directorate of the Brussels Federal Police. It was carried out by the six police zones of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Federal Railways Police, and the security services of the public transport companies SNCB, STIB and TEC.

In total, more than 140 police officers were mobilized for the operation, in addition to 48 inspector cadets from the Brussels Police Academy. Specialist operators from the Aliens Office (“l’Office des étrangers”) were also made available. Furthermore, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office provided a special magistrate for the operation and supported the action on the ground.

One police report has also been filed after a Securail agent was assaulted by a passenger.