Listen to women’s voice!

Social life and perception have always played an important role in modern society, and they have often been perceived as a burden, something hard to deal with and to gain, that could easily drive people crazy if lost or not obtained. That’s what the French-speaking Canadian theatre director, Annick Lefebvre, has tried to show in the J’accuse piece. This play is a portrait of five different women from the ‘Generation Y’, with divergent perceptions of society: the saleswoman, the manager of SME, the cleaning lady, the receptionist and the solitary novelist. They however all have a common point, as they fight against a society that judges them. In these monologues, the women describe their frustration and their complaints with regard to the world they live in. Patricia Tadros, from ICI Radio Canada Première, who commented on J’accuse, stated that the aim of the piece was “to be seen, for the power of the words and the high-level performance of these five pretty actors”.


J’accuse was played at the beginning of the year in Québec (the French-speaking region of Canada), gathering a significant success and the best critics from the media. As it worked very well in the New World, Annick Lefebvre decided to set up the play also in Europe and it is now in town. She adapted the scenario and the text to make them more in line with Brussels’ life and culture, offering a fascinating insight on our society and the on the way women feel it.

J’accuse will be played at Atelier 210 from Monday to Saturday at night by 9 December. On Wednesday 29th of November, you will also have the chance to chat with Annick Lefebvre and the staff after the piece is played. The basic price is €16, but you can get a discount if you are a group. For more information, have a look online.