Get Up, Stand Up, Get moving!

We’ve all heard it: sitting is the new smoking.

Our lives have become far more sedentary than before. Lots of us work in offices with everything close by. Many people drive there and back and then spend the evening collapsed on the sofa or sitting in the cinema… we are starting to lose the habit of moving our bodies… and the effects are visible.

So how can you get moving more? Here’s five easy tips for your weekly work life that don’t cost much and can be started right now!

1)   Drink lots of water during the day at work – not only do you have to get up to refill your glass, jug or bottle several times, but you’ll also need to go to the loo more often.

2)   Take the stairs not the lift – go up them fast or sometimes two steps at a time to get the heart going or bottom muscles working.




3)   Take the bike or walk to work. If your journey is too far, consider getting off the public transport a couple of stops earlier or parking your car further away and walking the rest. Did you know that 20% of journeys under 1km in Belgium are done by car (madness!).

4)   Consider going to give a message to a colleague rather than sending emails all the time – also improves communication. Alternatively put the printer or photocopier further away.

5)   When you can, take a real lunch break and share it with colleagues, then have a short walk together to digest and discuss… you’ll find that you are much more productive in the afternoon!

These are just a few ideas… what do you do to activate your day?