Living organic in Brussels

« Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food ». 24 centuries after Hippocrates established this clear link between food and well-being, there is more and more adepts to organic food, both for health and ethical reasons. Organic vegetarians, vegans, omnivores and “flexivores” (part-time vegetarians) have their own “temples” of bio food in Brussels, a domain in full expansion.

Be Positive

Among the pioneers, Dominique and Joseph Turkel are present for nearly a decade in the European quarter with their innovative “Be Posivite” store concept at Place Jourdan. “Be Positive” is a light-filled space with healthy food and a colourful, cosmopolite atmosphere. The midday lunch it’s a must. Don’t miss the upper space of the shop, devoted to relaxation and serenity.

But the real added value of “Be Positive” comes from the motivation and professionalism of its sellers. Undoubtedly, the success of this type of bio stores is explained by the quality of the contact with the customer.

Another actor in the organic sector in Brussels who has a great future ahead is the Färm cooperative chain. Their unmistakable establishments with functional loft atmosphere are present in Brussels next to metro or tram stations where they take their names: Tongres, Sainte Catherine, Hankar, Bascule.

Färm has a firm commitment with local organic production. When there is no choice but to bring products from other countries, as is the case of Mediterranean products, they privilege direct links with the producers. Belgium has only about 70,000 hectares of certified bio crop, which are insufficient to meet local needs.

Be Positive

Other interesting options to enjoy organic food in Brussels are Bio Market at “Les Ateliers des Tanneurs”, nearby Les Marolles, and “Les Ecuries van de Tram”. The tram’s former horse stables in Schaerbeek became Brussels’ first indoor bio market in the winter of 2015.

Those who really want to support local trade and small producers located in the periphery of Brussels should join the “paniers bio” system organized by GASAP (Groupes d’Achat Solidaires de l’Agriculture Paysane): . This initiative is a good example of a social economy project. It is run by “Agricovert”, a cooperative devoted to social integration of people in difficulty.

Individuals such as Hochul Chantraine, managing director of “Agricovert”, are the true guardian angels in the shade making possible that big cities like Brussels are able to enjoy healthy as well as social and environmentally friendly food.

One last tip: do you want to benefit from the incredible properties of organic Aloe Vera? In that case, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Oussama El Bouzaidi, the boss of Planets Organic, a promising bio supermarket located at Boulevard d’Yser 2, nearby Saint Catherine. He will explain to you everything. Santé!