Save the date: First Motorday in Brussels

Bianca Debaets announced yesterday that the first Motorday in Brussels will take place on March 18th.

Brussels Express has already introduced the dangers the cyclists are used to face in Brussels in everyday life. 506 accidents causing bodily harm involved motorcyclists last year in Brussels, and among them three persons passed away. It then represents about 13% of the traffic accidents in the Belgian capital, and most of them could have been avoided.

That is why the State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region in charge of road safety, Bianca Debaets, announced on Monday that the first motorday will take place in Brussels on March 18th. “It is very important that the Brussels-Capital region can also be pleasant and enjoyable for the two-wheelers. In an urban context, there are special traps that should be avoided, and it is then very useful to provide valuable advices”, she said during the Brussels motor show. And as motorcyclists are more present starting in April, as the weather is getting better, there are more crashes involving them.


The event will be organised by Brussels Mobility, together with FEDEMOT, a motorcycle organisation. “We are convinced that prevention also requires training, there is always something to learn”,  underlined Jean-Marie Jorssen, President of FEDEMOT. This motorday will be hosted by the Belgian Road Safety Institute (ISBR), in Chaussée de Haecht 1405. Participants will be informed and trained by experts about the driving license, as well as the proper ways to drive. The vehicles will also be checked-up for free. Both experienced and novice drivers can take part of this first motorday.

The whole event is free of charge (even the lunch!). If you are interested in improving your driving, or whiling to receive some advices, feel free to register on