De Lijn: “New bus arrangements at Gare du Nord are working well”

Alternative arrangements recently implemented by De Lijn for its buses at Gare du Nord are working well, the public transport company said on Tuesday morning.

On Monday, De Lijn indefinitely suspended all of its bus stops at the Gare du Nord after repeated complaints from its drivers over a perceived lack of safety and hygiene around the Brussels station. In particular, drivers had expressed concerns about catching one of the contagious diseases – which have included cases of scabies and tuberculosis – prevalent among migrants and refugees currently squatting at the station.


After consulting with the relevant transport unions, De Lijn decided to implement its current alternative arrangement: bus passengers now get off at a temporary bus stop located on the Place du Nord, just in front of the station; and they get on at Rogier stop, on Place Rogier.

According to De Lijn spokesman Tom Van de Vreken, the new arrangements are running smoothly. “The drivers are there and commuters are finding their way to and from the new bus stops,” he said on Tuesday morning. “Everything is going as planned. Staff from De Lijn are also present on site to guide any lost or confused travellers.”