Brussels in support of esteemed commerces and craftsmanship

Thursday the 21st of September, the Brussels Exclusive Labels – the former Chamber of Commerce– will celebrate its 80th anniversary. For the occasion, the partners of this illustrious association will expose their products and ability in Brussels’ commune.

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Brussels Exclusive Labels (BEL) is an incredible example of Belgium’s craftsmanship and savoir-faire: it brings together 80 of the most important producers of Brussels, like Dandoy, Natan ou De Greef. To celebrate the 80 years of activity, le Collège des Bourgmestre et Échevins (the mayors and deputies of the city) has proposed to the members of BEL to expose their creations and ability in the main commune of the city.

The city of Brussels has decided to promote the event and to make it accessible to the public to show its support to local producers, to Belgian craftsmanship and to the field of luxurious items. “These producers bring on an important tradition and an attention to quality and innovation that honor our city. They make us proud of our city and reinforce the dynamism and attractiveness of our business owners”, said the deputy of Economical affairs Marion Lemesre.
“BEL has an important mission to me, that is to enhance and underline the value and quality of our products. It reunites 80 among the most important brands of the capital. Supporting BEL means supporting the job market, since its activity plays a significant role in Brussels’ economy”, reminds the city’s mayor Philippe Close.