Brussels to take action against illegal parking of scooters

Self-service electric scooters will soon no longer be able to be parked anywhere on the sidewalks of the Belgian capital.

Brussels Mobility and the municipalities of the Brussels Region are in the process of identifying areas where the parking of scooters will be prohibited. In future, to obtain an operating permit scooter operators will be required to ensure that their scooters are properly parked.

“The objective is to protect pedestrians, not simply to collect as many fines as possible,” said Inge Paemen, spokesperson for Brussels Mobility. She added: “The UNESCO zone around the Grand-Place might well become an area where parking scooters could be prohibited.”



The fines will be collected directly from the scooter operators. They will range from 200 euros for a first offence to 2,000 euros for the fourth. In the event of repeat offences, the operating licence could be withdrawn.

On Tuesday, a video showing an electric scooter user driving through the Porte de Hal tunnel appeared on social networks. “It is strictly forbidden to ride scooters in tunnels,” said the spokeswoman for the Brussels-Ixelles police zone, Ilse Van de Keere.