Road renovations to disrupt traffic in Brussels this summer

This summer, several major projects will disrupt the main roads of the capital.

Leopold II Tunnel and Elisabeth Park

The Leopold II tunnel will be closed again during two summer months starting from June 28th. In anticipation of this closure and already from June 15, a unique direction is established around the Elisabeth Park and the Basilica, in order to avoid that the traffic of transit penetrates in the living quarters.

Until 1 September, buses will travel clockwise and cars in the opposite direction. The preparatory work for the implementation of the one-way street started on Tuesday 11 June.


From: Brussels Mobility


Rogier Tunnel

Brussels Mobility is continuing the in-depth maintenance of the Rogier Tunnel this summer. From June 28, the tunnel will be closed direction Basilique while  the 2 directions of circulation will be maintained but in the tunnel direction Midi, a single band in each direction. Mid-August, this situation will be reversed: closing direction Midi and the 2 directions of circulation maintained via the door of the tunnel direction Basilique. Reopening scheduled for 1 September, with night-work scheduled until late November.

Avenue Charles-Quint

On June 17, Vivaqua, Elia and Sibelga start the renovation of their facilities on the Charles V, between the Basilica and the Drève de l’Aérodrome, towards the city exit.  In order to reduce the nuisance, the work will be coordinated in order to reopen all the bands for the start of the school year.

Appropriate traffic has been developed to guarantee safe work. From June 17 to September 1 inclusive, on Avenue Charles V towards the highway, traffic will be limited to one lane; In addition, a dozen local interventions will be conducted towards the center. At the time of these interventions, only one band of circulation will be available, that is why they are carried out outside rush hours.

From: Brussels Mobility


STIB takes advantage of school holidays to renovate its tram infrastructure in various locations. The most disturbed sites will be those of Brugmann Avenue in Uccle, Jules Lahaye Street in Jette Cemetery and Place Saint-Lambert near the Atomium.