Brussels tram network to celebrate 150th anniversary on May 1

The tram network in Brussels is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary this Wednesday with a series of special events, held along the historic route of the capital’s first ever tram line.

The festivities have been jointly organised by STIB, the Brussels Tram Museum, and the Brussels Capital Region, and will include a parade, an exhibition, and free rides on some of the Museum’s oldest and most storied trams.


The parade will take place along Rue Royale from 2pm-4pm, and will feature a vast array of trams drawn from over the last century-and-a-half of the network’s existence. Similarly, the exhibition, held from 11am-7pm at Place Royale, will showcase 19th horse-drawn streetcars right alongside life-sized models of “next generation” trams, which will only be put into service in the capital next year. Both the parade and the exhibition will be free of charge.

The free rides on the Museum’s trams will be operating from 4pm-6.30pm, with boarding taking place near the Parc de Bruxelles on Rue Royale. Two different lines will be in operation, one leading to Sainte-Marie Church (25 mins), and the other heading to Legrand along Avenue Louise (5o mins).

For further information about the day’s festivities, click here.