Protected bicycle lanes to be installed on Rue Belliard

Brussels’ Rue Belliard is set to lose permanently one of its traffic lanes within the next few weeks, as protected bicycle paths are installed on each side of one of the Belgian capital’s busiest roads.

The Brussels authorities do not expect the removal of the traffic lane to lead to any additional congestion problems. Indeed, they believe that the new bicycle paths will, if anything, contribute toward easing bike congestion on the nearby Rue de la Loi.

“We analysed the issue a few years ago,” said Mathias Dobbels, spokesman for Pascal Smet (sp.a), Brussels’ Mobility Minister. “We believe there will still be enough space on the road for cars on the Rue Belliard to move freely.”


Though the decision to develop the bicycle lanes was taken rather abruptly, plans to introduce them onto the Rue Belliard go back more than two years. Until now, however, the plan had been postponed several times due to the development of other building projects on the road.

Works will begin this coming weekend and are expected to be completed by May 12th. “We will not work during the week so as not to hinder car traffic,” said Mr Dobbels.