Chassepierre Festival: your personal nonsense experience

Sometimes Brussels may appear grey and suffocating -mostly because of the rain and the insane humidity. It makes you dream about running away for the weekend, to chase the sun and enjoy some fun -and dry- time. When finances are limited and a quick trip to a sunny island seems impossible, check out the many festivals Belgium offers, you won’t be disappointed!

For example, this weekend (19th and 20th of August) the city of Florenville will host an unforgettable festival based on the illogical, the nonsense, the surreal and the grotesque, the Chassepierre Festival. One wouldn’t expect less from the country who gave birth to some of the most influential surreal artists, such as Magritte.

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The two-days festival is at its 44th edition: it will offer a substantial number of exhibitions and events that will aim at involving all your senses, for a complete and incredible dream-like experience! In fact, more than 50 companies from different European countries (Luxembourg, UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France) are participating, each one with its personal specialty.  Among the many artists, the Grandini Juggling will propose a juggling shows with rock music and surreal atmospheres; Cie la Migration will offer funambulism shows  paired up with poetry, evocative landscapes and cycling;  Grandet Douglas will perform a flying carpet show, evoking childhood and dream-like images, while Cie Bruitquicourt will use the magics of theatre, grotesque and irony to criticize the nonsense of power, placing a clown on a throne; les Cubiténistes will underline nonsense through absurd panels. The festival will also co-produce two exhibitions: les Chaussons Rouges, dedicated to funambulism, and Commandos Percu, more focused on music.

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The festival provides valid information on where you can stay while attending the event, it provides a site for camping and it also gives indications on how to get there by car, public transport or carpooling!

Chassepierre Festival is the ideal weekend getaway, that allows you to find out more about Belgium: not only you will visit another part of the country, but you will also get more in depth in one of its most important cultural and artistic aspects: surrealism. Merge in this adventure and wake your sense up with nonsense and art!