Chinese Telecom producer ZTE to open a cybersecurity center in Brussels

Chinese telecom giant Huawei opened its cyber security center in Brussels last March, which generated significant media attention given that the United States has been accusing the Chinese company of espionage.

In Belgium, the Center for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) also opened an investigation, but has not identified any cybersecurity risks. Huawei has always denied the accusations. With these centers dedicated to cybersecurity, the Chinese phone companies seem to want to offer more transparency, according to Reuters.




ZTE is not on the US blacklist, despite criticism that the company is trading with Iran. The group was then banned from exporting to the United States and had to pay a $ 1 billion fine.

With this cybersecurity center, customers and regulators will be able to check the source code of network equipment and test cyber attacks. ZTE already has a similar center in Rome.