The Choir of the E.U. in Brussels’ celebrates their 60th anniversary

The Choir of the E.U. in Brussels is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, and will perform it’s two yearly concerts alongside a range of orchestras to celebrate; with a concert on March 23rd, and a Gala on December 2nd at BOZAR.

The choir is the embodiment of the EU and its ideals. It was created in Brussels in conjunction with the conception of the EU during the 1958 Rome treaty. Their current mix of over 20 nationalities sees new singers joining each year to come together and sing of peace and harmony; being living testament to the union and its message of unity.

Signing of the treaty of Rome 1958

Their repertoire is composed of major world choral works and, under the direction of Dirk De Moor, have performed in numerous European ceremonies with a range of international orchestras in Brussels and in other European cities.

Moor conducting the choir
Moor conducting the choir

Moor has been deeply involved in music since a young age. Born in Antwerp into a family of artists whose father was the right-hand man of Hergé, Moor began his love of music at 8-years-old when he was invited to join the Choir of the Collège St-Pierre in Uccle. He continued the study of music and attended the Uccle and Saint-Gilles music academies before entering the Brussels Royal Music Conservatory where he studied choral conducting and singing.

Be it the work that goes into each concert, the diversity of the choir, or the plethora of experience; the 60th celebrations guarantee a quality of harmonic that few have witnessed before and for no less than a historical occasion.