Cirque Royal impressive success after reopening: 140,000 spectators in one year

According to the figures presented on Monday by the authorities of the City of Brussels and the director of Circus Royal, the theater has been a success in the first year since it was brought back to business. Around 140,000 spectators in one year, 102 dates of performances – well beyond the expected 65 – more than 1,800 artists and musicians

The management of this cultural site has experienced some turmoil on the legal and political grounds since the City of Brussels undertook it in 2014 to terminate the concession with the Botanique and award it to Brussels Expo, an ASBL dependent on it and chaired by Mayor Philippe Close.


According to the mayor of the City of Brussels Philippe Close (PS), the alderman in charge of the Land Board Khalid Zian (PS), and the director of the Royal Circus, Denis Gerardy, there are 160 to 165 dates for the season 2019-2020, a record since the creation of the room. The program includes, among others, television program recordings, six to ten shows, six to eight private shows, and two to three movie shows.

According to Philippe Close, also the financial results exceeded the expectations. The theater has a significant impact on employment. The days of performances, it gives direct employment to forty people, not to mention its impact on nearby businesses. Within a year, the former stables located under the room should be redeveloped into a multipurpose room with 320 seats for show-case, rehearsals, concerts, receptions and much more.