Christmas’ greetings are being sent more and more via social media

This year Christmas greetings were sent mainly via social networks WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or others, the figures collected by telecom operators show. Data traffic continues to increase, while the number of SMS sent continues to decrease.

At Proximus, the volume of data recorded between December 24 at 20h and 25 at 8h is up 48% compared to 2017 at 87,781 gigabytes. The number of text messages decreased by 10% to 6,498,600.


mobile phone
Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash


The trend is the same for Orange, which recorded more than 96,000 gigabytes in mobile data volume on its network, an increase of more than 78% compared to 2017. Orange customers have also sent 6 million text messages, or 13% less than in 2017. Orange recorded 1.4 million calls, 33% more than last year. A fifth of these calls were made via 4G.

On Christmas Eve, Telenet mobile customers sent 4,223,804 sms, 21% less than last year, and used 57,111 GB of data between 20:00 and 08:00, which equals a 21% increase (47,155 GB in 2017).