Close to 1,000 police officers requested for the Gilets Jaunes demonstration on Saturday

The Gilets Jaunes are expected to gather again this Saturday in the streets of Brussels. The number of people expected is not known, especially since no authorization for a meeting has been introduced to the City of Brussels. The Brussels authorities have already warned that the police will be reinforced.


Last Saturday, between 500 and 600 police officers were mobilized for the occasion. This time, the double will be requested, the Brussels-Ixelles police stated. This new gathering of Gilets Jaunes has been announced on some social networks but has not been confirmed.

For now, information on where the rally will take place is unclear.


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“We found that the actions conducted by the Gilets Jaunes were mobile. The Brussels Capital-Ixelles area, the various police zones of the Brussels region, the federal police and other partners such as firefighters, as well as the Stib and the prevention service of the City of Brussels, are working together to ensure the best possible follow-up,” said Ilse Van De Keere, spokesperson for the local police in Brussels.