De Lijn removes its bus service from Gare du Nord

De Lijn has announced that it will move its bus service from Gare du Nord after it has complained about security and hygiene issues caused by the number of migrants living in the station.

The police of the zone Brussels-North, however, stated that there has not been any increase in the number of complaints the past recent weeks.

After the removal of the De Lijn bus stops, the police will still be patrolling every day, even at Place Rogier where the stops will be moved. The spokeswoman of the Brussels-North police zone, Audrey Dereymaeker, stated that even though the number of security issues has not increased, the fact that migrants are seeking shelter due to the low temperatures in North Station might give some people a sense of insecurity.



“De Lijn can not decide unilaterally to make modifications to its lines without a prior agreement with the Brussels Region. We will send an official request to meet with the company,” responded Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort, speaking on behalf of Pascal Smet, Minister of Mobility.