An 8-day tour in Belgium to undertake change

Have you planned to change the World over the coming years? Or do you only fancy being fully involved in social and solidarity economy? If so, you should have a look at Déclic Tour, it might be interesting for you.

If you are new in Brussels, you have probably not heard about Declic Tour yet. The point is quite easy to get. Should you be between 20 to 35 years-old and interested in running your own social economy company, this one-week training is definitely worth attending.

The Déclic en perspectivES foundation was set up last year by Lucille Rieux and Mathilde Stokart. Involved in youth and social economy, they have been aiming at encouraging people who would like to take an active part in a better and fairer World. After a couple of months, they then decided to launch the first Déclic Tour, throughout the French speaking part of Belgium.

But what is the Déclic Tour? It is not about helping those who already have an idea and are in trouble with administrative barriers. It is rather about supporting those who really would like to be involved in social economy, with an entrepreneurship mindset, but who still have no precise idea about what they could do. “We are setting up three steps: inspiration, introspection and emergence. These three ones are essential and will make the participants aware of what they fancy doing”, Lucille said.


To get inspiration and have a concrete idea about a future project, the volunteers organised a first tour last year with 30 young future entrepreneurs. They took them to Brussels and Wallonia, and the participants had the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs, as well as they were coached by facilitators over the whole week. After one week, while the attendees were absolutely disconnected to their daily life, most of them had at least an idea, and some projects were already launched, such as “Demain en main” or “Les jeux du Siroteur”.

As this first edition was a great success and the participants were unanimously grateful, the staff decided to keep on leading such activities and to plan another Déclic tour. The second one will then be held from 16 to 23 June 2017 and will take you to Brussels, Namur and Liège. It will rely on the same basis as the ones last year, but “we will more focus on the territories, environment and food systems. We would like this Déclic tour to really address the societal needs”, Lucille added.  The future entrepreneurs will then be fully supported to make their project real.

In case you are interested in being involved in this experience, you can find all the details on the website. You should apply, by sending any sort of content – video, photos, cover letter –  that shows you are highly motivated. But please, hurry up, the deadline is April 15.