Time for Comic strip: la BD est en fête!

The 48h BD will be hosted both in Brussels and in France this weekend. A perfect opportunity to discover this Belgian heritage.

If we tell you “Belgium”, what do you think about? Belgian fries, beer, chocolate, waffles? Nothing more? Comic strip is yet much healthier and fully takes part of the Belgian culture, as some of the most famous cartoonists are from here, such as Hergé (Tintin) or Rob-Vel (Spirou).

People most of the time think comic only targets children or babies. Never say that to a Belgian citizen, you could be blamed. If you have visited the comic strip museum (which is actually a very nice museum!), you already probably know comic strip is a real art (the 9th one), and there are as many sorts of comic strips as sorts of books. If you are still not convinced, but you fancy having an insight over this literature, good news!

The 48h BD indeed takes place in the Belgian capital over two days, on Friday and on Saturday.

This festival aims at providing you with a general overview on comic strip. It will be hold both in Brussels and in some French cities. In Brussels, more than 70 book shops are involved in this event, and you there can purchase comics for only EUR 1. Really good point if you have not totally been trained in Belgian culture.

But the main events will be held in Filigranes, the book shop near from Arts-Loi. It will indeed host workshops and exhibitions both on Friday and Saturday. You will also be taught how a comic strip is done, and you will draw your own 2 or 3-box comics. You also can meet cartoonists who will share their views on the 9th art and explain you the main points.

You never know how the weather will be in Brussels, especially in April. Brussels Express  recommends you to pop down there anyway in one of the two days. And if you get inspired, you can have a good walk on Sunday, by following the Comic book route through the Belgian capital!