Discovering Brussels’ secrets one minute at a time through Bxl 1min

Whoever thought Brussels is a boring city has never taken the time to really get to know this place. “This city was always good at hiding its secrets,” wrote Karmen Špiljak in her article, “An unlikely love story” in the Brussels’ Writers Series.

Indeed. Brussels, like most Belgians, is not one given to boasting or glitz. It is a humble, reserved, and unassuming city that dares you to “decipher her” as Brazilian photographer Eduardo Fernandes put it. It’s no easy city. One has to make an effort to figure her out. Only then will she reveal her deeply-held secrets to you.

Two professional video artists have taken it upon themselves to uncovering Brussels’  precious little secrets. Thomas Cytrynowicz and Thibault Flament are the men behind Bxl 1min or Brussels 1 minute, a series of videos featuring the concealed, forgotten, and overlooked treasures of Brussels.

Each video tells of one interesting aspect of Brussels unveiled through captivating shots all in one minute. Just enough to whet your curiosity and tease you into exploring each Brussels secret for yourself.

Thomas Cytrynowicz and Thibault Flament, producers of Bxl 1min

Although they started it as an experiment, Thomas and Thibault say Bxl 1min has turned out to be an illuminating adventure for them. “It was a great way to get to know the city. I’ve learned so much about Brussels through this project,” says Thomas, a French native who moved to the city last year. For Thibault who is Belgian, it was like seeing Brussels in a whole different light. “It’s amazing what you will discover if you really look for it,” he says.

Seek and ye shall find, indeed. The Bxl 1min team has managed to find some of Brussels’ hidden secrets and treasures. They will show you what goes on behind the scenes from making beer and chocolates to making musical instruments and clocks. And they will introduce you to some of the most impressive yet unsung characters who help make Brussels a truly magnificent city.

Get to know Brussels secret by secret one minute at a time on Bxl 1min. Catch season one of the video series on Facebook and Instagram.

Bxl 1min – Les coulisses de la ville

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Publiée par Bxl 1min sur Dimanche 4 novembre 2018