Rave party organized by Fuse in the tunnel of Porte de Hal

After a renovation of almost two years, the Porte de Hal tunnel in Brussels will again be fully accessible to drivers from Sunday morning. The Fuse nightclub was given permission to hold a big party on Saturday January 19th, 2019, to celebrate its reopening.

The Porte de Hal tunnel will be the first in the Brussels Region to fully comply with the strictest safety standards. Its renovation included a separation wall between the two driving directions, an anti-smoke wall at each entrance, additional emergency exits and a new, more efficient ventilation system.

“The tunnel will be fully operational from Sunday morning on,” said Mathias Dobbels, spokesman for the Brussels Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Pascal Smet (sp.a).

The last party organized in a Brussels tunnel dates from 2015 during the “Sunday without a car”.

The event is sold-out, says the Fuse on its website. “Do not come if you do not have a ticket.”

The tunnel will again be fully accessible to motorists from Sunday morning.