The Saudi authorities announced that women would be legally allowed to drive – ending their reign as the only nation in the world where women were forbidden from getting behind the wheel of a car. The measure will be implemented in June 2018, but the brands have begun to attack the new clientele. The Arab way.

Although the measure is only to be implemented in 2018 and Saudi clerics have voiced their concerns about the perverse effects driving could have on women’s ovaries, on the promiscuity that could result from the driver’s relationship with other drivers and as well with the police, the truth is that the majority of society welcomed the good news. Especially women.

Following the announcement, a number of carmakers haven’t wasted any time courting the 9 million potential customers who can get behind the wheel and maybe even dare to choose the model and color of the car they will drive – if this is not considered an excess of freedom for the Saudi regime.

The milestone was greeted with jubilation on social media, with the hashtag “Saudi women can drive” being used in a flood of tweets. Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen have immediately released new campaigns using hashtags like #SaudiWomenMove or #SaudiWomenCanDrive