Warm hand shake before tonight’s game between Obelgix and Iceland’s Ambassador

Since our exclusive interview on September 6th with Obelgix, the crazy Fan of the Red Devils, Brussels Express has followed his adventures in the various Nations League matches.

After the various victories against Iceland (0-3), and Switzerland (2-1), Belgium will face Iceland, this Thursday night in Brussels, with a clear goal: to finish at the top of their group in the Nations League.

Belgium is at the top of the group with 6 points, tied with Switzerland but with one match less. The Red Devils will also go to Switzerland on Sunday, November 18th to try to secure the 1st place of the group and their qualification.

Information on the match 

This will be the 100th match in the national team for Axel Witsel. On the opposite side of the field, the Icelanders will not be able to count with one of their stars, Gylfi Sigurdsson. Everton’s player injured his ankle last Saturday against Chelsea (0-0) after a duel with Jorginho.

In search of Icelanders in Brussels, we followed Obelgix to the European district where he met with the Ambassador of Iceland, Gunnar PÁLSSON.

This was a great opportunity since Iceland’s’ 100th anniversary of independence is approaching.

Iceland’s 100th anniversary of independence

On December 1st, 1918, Iceland became an independent and sovereign state when the Union Treaty with Denmark came into effect. Negotiations had been in progress for nearly a century. For Icelanders, the 1st of December, 1918, was a monumental date in history.

The Union Treaty was approved by the Alþingi on the 9th of September 1918, and the decision was confirmed by the people of Iceland in a referendum on the 19th of October of the same year. The Union Treaty took effect on December 1st, 1918.

In 2017 the Alþingi (Parliament) passed a resolution on how the centenary of Icelandic independence was to be celebrated, with emphasis on culture and language. The participation of Icelanders was seen as crucial.

The centenary of Sovereignty Day will be celebrated on December 1st all over Iceland, with extensive TV and radio coverage.

A a short documentary film about Icelandic sovereignty 1918-2018 was premiered in January of this year. The film tells the story of of Iceland’s campaign for self-determination, focussing on the huge step forward taken in 1918 when Iceland became a sovereign nation.



The campaign for self-determination in the 21st century has been the leading theme of artists, designers, scholars and scientists who have contributed to the celebrations.