Disruption of STIB tram lines starting Saturday October 27th

STIB announced that several lines will be interrupted starting Saturday, October 27 until Sunday, November 4. The reason being maintenance work.

The tracks at the Van Praet bridge and in the Leopold tunnel (between the Van Praet and Heembeek stops) are worn out and need to be replaced. These works require the interruption of tram lines 3 and 7 and their replacement by T-buses,”  announced STIB.

Tram 3

-Interrupted between stops Docks Brussels and Esplanade. T-buses 3 ru between Heysel and Gare du Nord stops.

-Direction Gare du Nord, the T-buses do not serve stops Buissonnets, Heembeek, Docks Bruxsel and Mabru. Correspondence with trams 3 direction Churchill is done at Jules De Trooz.

-Docks Bruxsel shopping center is only served by T-bus 7.

-Heysel direction, T-buses serve all stops.

Tram 7

-Trams 7 are replaced by T-buses between Princess Elisabeth and Heysel.

-Direction Heysel, the stop Centenaire is not served. It remains accessible from the De Wand stop by the tram line 19.

-Direction Princess Elisabeth, stops Centenaire, Buissonnets and Heembeek are not served.

Bus 47

-In order to offer a connection between buses 47 and trams 3 and 7 to the city center, bus 47 limited at Heembeek continue either by the route of T-bus 3 to Gare du Nord (correspondence tram 3 to Jules De Trooz) either by the route of the T-bus 7 until the stop Princess Elisabeth (correspondence tram 7).

-The Heembeek stops in both directions are moved to the beginning of Heembeek Street.

-Buses going to De Brouckère circulate normally. They provide correspondence with trams 3 at the Jules De Trooz stop, they do not correspond to trams 7.