Does Theo Francken aim to set up an inhuman migration system?

After Theo Francken stated he would like Belgium to implement an Australian migration system, it is worth wondering how humane this new Belgian policy will be.

Last Saturday, Theo Francken, the State secretary for migration and asylum, told on his Facebook page that he would be keen to set up a similar migratory system as the one in Australia. Although populist and anti-migration speeches are growing across Europe, it’s not sure the Belgian population would accept such a policy.

A positive aspect of migration in Australia Is that for Europeans who go for work at the other end of the world, it is quite easy to get a visa. The candidates apply for a visa, and they might be offered a one-year visa there. To continue living their past their year visa, they are required to work in sort of sponsored-farms for a certain time. That’s the “good side” of the Australian migration policy.

There’s also a “dark side”. Should you be an asylum seeker or refugee, you surely should not think about migrating to Australia. For those who arrive to Australia by boat, there’s absolutely no way to access the territory.

Australia has concluded deals with a couple of countries, such as New-Guinea or Nauru, which stipulate those countries should “host” on their lands, the failed migrants when they try to migrate to Australia. Australia provides those countries with millions of dollars for this service.

If the refugees and asylum-seekers were able to be granted a visa or facilities, the story could be “quite acceptable”. But some territories have been converted into detention centre which do not comply with human rights.

This inhumane system, which could be called open-air prison, has been criticised both by some Australian protestors and the United Nations.

Whether you agree or disagree with the idea of controlling migration, there are some human rights standards we cannot breach. Do you really want to implement such a system, Mr. Francken?