€159 million to be spent cleaning oil-polluted soil in Brussels

To cope with the significant amount of soil pollution caused by the use of fuel oil by private individuals, businesses and service stations, Brussels Environment, the environment and energy administration in the Brussels-Capital Region, has announced the creation of a fund dedicated specifically to the cleaning of soils polluted by fuel oil.

The fund is named PREMAZ (“Prévention Mazout”, or “Oil Prevention”), and will be launched by the end of 2019. The total budget devoted to the project is expected to be almost €159 million.



In the Brussels Region, almost 40% of soil pollution is attributed to fuel oil use. The PREMAZ fund is expected to cover the costs of administrative procedures and sanitation, up to a maximum of €200,000 for individuals and a maximum of €100,000 for schools, businesses or hospitals. The fund will also allow Brussels dwellers who have already cleaned up their land to claim a refund for the costs incurred.

Part of the total budget will also be spent on cleaning up the remaining service stations that have not yet been cleaned up. Moreover, the PREMAZ fund is expected to receive additional funds from a new tax levied on the price of fuel oil.