Festival AfroDisiac this weekend in Bois de la Cambre

Festival of family, love, share and fight against the different scourges that affect Africa”.

If you fancy having an outdoor activity over the weekend, but you are not in the mood of attending one of the massive Belgian festivals, AfroDisiac might be of interest to you!

The Brussels’ festival focuses on Africa and it will take place this weekend in Bois de la Cambre. A good option if you are in need of some rest  and you are looking for something a bit more calm.

It will be held over the whole weekend from noon to 11.00 pm (Saturday/Sunday) in the “Carrefour des attelages”, at the heart of Bois de la Cambre (Ixelles).

Publié par Festival AfroDisiac sur mardi 19 juillet 2016

As you can guess, this festival is not only about dancing and getting tipsy while listening to DJs. It indeed aims at getting the Belgian population informed about what it is going on in Africa, as well as at identifying the main issues and scourges that affect that part of the World.

The team has chosen to focus the festival on the slavery of children in mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And a special speech will be addressed by GUN GUNNA Orphelinat, an association very active in such a field. You then can meet up with specialists and activists who are stakeholders in Africa or in Brussels.

Workshops will be hosted over the two days; you will also be able to get to know more  about African gastronomy, dance, and handicraft. And,  of course, there will also be gigs and festivities during the day/evening.

There will be an Afro-market -where you can purchase African goods-, as well as a kindergarten. Children will indeed be involved, and several creative workshops will be held on Sunday for them.