Mixity 2017 : Let’s Celebrate Diversity !

If you are a Brusselian, even a new one, realising that Brussels is a city of diversity is not big deal (really not)! In fact, the Belgian capital hosts 183 nationalities and more than 100 languages are spoken on a daily basis. If you consider the World Migration Report, Brussels is the 2nd most cosmopolitan city around the World.

There are then plenty of cultures and traditions to discover in the European and Belgian capital. This is why it has been decided to celebrate diversity: Mixity 2017 has been set up by different public authorities, together with vist.brussels, to highlight Brussels projects and events. Cultural and socio-cultural stakeholders have been involved in this process, as well as Brusselians themselves.

Brussels has already provided some examples of events that have been held in the framework of Mixity 2017, such as YO Brussels hip-hop Generation or Brussels is a Plaizier. Let’s now take you to Mixity 183.

Mixity 183 is a pop-museum built into a container. This museum will move from a place to another around Brussels, from July to October, which will give you an overall insight into famous Brusselian places. The first stop of this “mobile museum” will be at the new Brass’Art Digitaal Café on Molenbeek’s Place Communale.

Mixity 183 is not exactly a “normal” museum, that hosts only paintings or historical objects. It is rather a transversal one, based on photo exhibitions, meetings and augmented reality.

The museum will enable you to really experience the multicultural atmosphere and environment of the city -in case you do not feel it enough already. The visitors will first of all be presented a photo gallery, by Olivier Cornill, who has his own conception of Brussels’ diversity. The visitors will then be offered to use a tablet to enjoy an augmented reality experience. This last experience has been built up both by artist Pauline de Chalendar and musician Daniel Offerman.

Therefore, Mixity 183 could be an excellent opportunity to discover how artists feel Brussels’ diversity and compare it with what you feel.

After Molenbeek, Mixity 183 will take you to Parc Royal, Flagey and Place du Luxembourg. If you live around Ixelles, this could be a great opportunity to visit Molenbeek’s Place Communale and experiment this mobile museum, discovering a bit more of the city!