For the first time in its history Belgium becomes World Champion in team golf

For the first time in its history, Belgium has become world champion in team golf. Thomas Detry and Thomas Pieters won in Melbourne, just ahead of the host team and the Mexicans.

Three short shots. That was the lead that the Belgian pair retained in the face of the comeback by the Australians and Mexicans over the last nine holes. Enough to win the “World Cup of Golf 2018”. The Belgian’s had had a five shot lead before seeing the gap close gradually.



In the end, it was in the foursome, where the players take it in turns to play, where the action happened. The two Thomases, best friends, were able to resist and show clear-headedness in this critical moment. The finally posted a scorecard of 265, which is 23 under par (a perfect number of shots for a course).

The European teams therefore retain the upper hand in the competition, they have won eight of the last ten titles. Belgian golf, which has received a lot of attention in recent years, is now on top of the world.