10 fabulous Christmas trees from around the world

Christmas trees are lighting up one by one all over the planet. The game is on for the most awesome tree of 2018. And you get to decide which one takes the crown. Here are some of our top picks. Which one do you find most impressive?

Floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s floating Christmas tree is back with a bang! Last time it made an appearance was in 2015 when, unfortunately, a snowstorm wrecked it just a few days before its illumination. It didn’t show for two Christmas seasons due to lack of sponsors. But now, the enchanting tree has re-emerged on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. With over 900,000 LED bulbs all over it, the 70-meter metal tree glows mystically over the lagoon. In 2007, Rio de Janeiro’s tree earned a Guinness world record as the largest floating Christmas tree in the world. 

Walk-through Christmas tree in Bournemouth, U.K.

Bournemouth’s Christmas Tree Wonderland, which opens for the first time this year, offers a spectacle of more than 100 dazzling trees from all over the world. The center of the attraction is the Wonderland Christmas tree which stands over 18 meters tall and features about 30,000 lights individually programmed to deliver fantastic light shows. Not only that, you can also walk through this tree and enjoy the lights up close.

Fantasy Christmas tree of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France

This fantasy-themed Christmas tree will definitely awaken the child in you. Dressed in green and gold, the four-story tree transports you into the imaginary world of your childhood with its showcase of cartoon-like characters made of wire and twinkling stars dancing all around it. To spread even more kiddy Christmas spirit, the store’s windows are animated with stuffed toys designed by kids themselves. Young and old dreamers alike will be inspired by this youthful Christmas extravaganza.

Sand Christmas tree in West Palm Beach, Florida

What’s something Florida has so much of? Sand, of course. No need to look too far for Christmas ideas. Every year, the city of West Palm Beach sets up the world’s only holiday tree made entirely of sand. This year’s under-the-sea motif features a mermaid named Merry as the main star of the tree which stands over 10 meters and carries about 800 tons of sand.

Mountain Christmas tree in Gubbio, Italy

The traditional Christmas tree of Gubbio is certainly not your conventional type of tree. It is merely an image of a Christmas tree outlined by lights resting on individual trees along the slopes of Mount Ingino. Known as the world’s largest Christmas tree, this amazing visual measures 731 meters long and 450 meters wide.

Floral Christmas tree in Tokyo, Japan

From afar, it may look like a typical technicolor Christmas tree. But look closer and you’ll see that it’s actually lit up by bright flowers of all sizes and colors. Just the perfect Christmas tree for a country famous for its cherry blossoms and other exotic flowers. The 6-meter flower tree stands right in front of the Tokyo Skytree tower which is also illuminated with more than 500,000 light bulbs every Christmas season.

Crystal fir tree in Melbourne, Australia

Now where would you find a Christmas tree that looks kind of spiky? Only in Melbourne’s Federation Square. But check it out. Those bright, colorful spikes are actually 192 crystalline branches. Around 30,000 color-changing bulbs light up the 16-meter high crystal tree.

Giant clock Christmas tree in Vilnius, Lithuania

Just about every year, Vilnius wows the world with its Christmas tree and 2018 is no different. The Lithuanian capital once again presents its 27-meter metal tree which resembles a clock. At the bottom of the tree are 12 shining tables serving as the clock’s numerals. The Christmas tree takes after the clock on the Cathedral Square’s belfry which sits right next to it.

Rockefeller Christmas tree in NYC, New York

The Rockefeller tree is one of the most awaited Christmas trees in the U.S. and all over the world. The 86th edition of this NYC tradition is a Norway Spruce coming from the town of Wallkill in New York’s Orange Country. The amazing tree is 21 meters tall, 15 meters wide, 21 tons heavy, and pulsing with 50,000 multicolored lights. And get this, the Swarovski star on top of the tree is glimmering with about 3 million crystals.

Northern Christmas tree in Brussels, Belgium

Of course the list won’t be complete without this one. Not just because we love Brussels, but also because it’s a magnificent tree, isn’t it? The 22-meter sapin de Noël at the Grand Place is graced with almost 200 white and blue baubles, 40 blue pearl lights, and a 1.8-kilometer white wreath to represent the colors of Finland, this year’s guest country in the Brussels Plaisirs d’Hiver or Winter Wonders. The lights on the tree are synchronized with 1,600 LED lamps installed on the buildings of Grand Place, making for a fantastic symposium of lights this season.