Free electric bus connecting Brussels shopping neighbourhoods

A new free electric bus service was launched in Brussels last Friday in order to help people get around the main shopping neighbourhoods in the upper and lower town.

Each bus, can accommodate up to 22 people and will circulate on Fridays and Saturdays, from 11 am to 6 pm, as well as on the first Sundays of each month, from 12 am to 6 pm. The route has seven temporary stops which will be served every 15 minutes: Dansaert, Saint-Jacques, Rue Neuve, Grand Place, Place Royale, Louise, Sablon. Each stop will be spotted thanks to a “Free Shopping Bus” sign.

The vehicles are sponsored by ING and provide free wifi. There is the possibility to download the free Divercities app which will provide video clips about each neighbourhood and the shopping possibilities

The idea of this project pop-out during the launch of the 2016 summer sales. The implementation of the project was conducted by Marion Lesmesre, Alderwoman for Economic Affairs within the City of Brussels.

“With the influx of passengers, I wanted to perpetuate the experience and integrate other neighbourhoods. The journeys will this time be carried out by electric vehicles. In other words, the Free Shopping Bus will not generate pollution which is ideal for maintaining the quality of life in Brussels” explained Marion Lesmesre.

Today, like every first Sunday of the month, shops are opened in the center of Brussels. Make your day unforgettable by boarding in the Free Shopping Bus.