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Give your career new inspiration during your stay in Belgium at the Vlerick Expat Event on 14th of November at Vlerick’s Brussels Campus.

Prepare to be inspired by keynote speaker Robin Kleer, Vlerick Professor of Innovation Management, who is eager to tell you all about his future vision, which is unfolding today.



Vlerick Professor Robin Kleer will  give you food for thought as it sets a vibrant, congenial tone for this unique expat evening.

About the keynote speech

Industry 4.0 captures the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’, automation, digitisation and individualisation in a factory: the smart factory.

Applying Industry 4.0 should help a company answer the following:

  • How more information about your customer can lead to more efficient production;
  • How digitisation of production leads to more individualised products;
  • And how a new dimension in networking ability enhances our collaboration productivity.

In the end, the question becomes: what (new) business models can we enable with the smart factory? And how do we manage the transition?

Robin Kleer is a Professor of Innovation Management at Vlerick Business School. After earning his PhD in Economics at the University of Würzburg, Germany, Robin worked as an assistant Professor at RWTH Aachen University and as a Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the Technical University of Berlin. Robin has travelled abroad to teach, consult, and conduct research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, and the German University of Technology.

Robin’s research focus is on technology transfer and the interdependencies of innovation, market structure and business models. He is particularly interested in the impact of digitisation and new production methods, such as additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Join him on 14 November at the Vlerick Expat event where he will tell you all about his future vision on Industry 4.0: what (new) business models we can enable with the smart factory and how do we manage the transition?

For whom

Expatriates, accompanying spouses and corporate mobility managers.


  • 6 pm – 6.30 pm: Welcome
  • 6.30 pm: Introduction by Prof Dirk Buyens, Director Executive Education, Vlerick Business School
  • 6.45 pm – 8 pm: Keynote Address ‘Industry 4.0: the impact of digitisation on the factory of the future’, by Robin Kleer and Q&A
  • 8 pm – 10 pm: Networking reception


Price & registration

  • Price: Free event. Please note that a no-show fee of 50 euro will be charged for no showing up without prior notice (10 November at the latest).
  • Online registration is mandatory (before 4 November 2018)



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