Strike will cause severe disruptions on public transport on Tuesday October 2nd

The STIB network should be subject to significant disruptions on 2 October, while the unions and a part of the workers will be on strike.

The STIB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company), which operates the public transportation services in Brussels, has announced potential disruptions of metro, bus and tram lines on Tuesday 2 October. The disruptions will be part of the national demonstrations.

Although there won’t be a general strike, the Belgian unions (both FGTB and CSC) have called for a day of action, in order to defend “a decent pension” at a reasonable age. This call is directly linked to the governmental policies and measures on pensions that have been undertaken recently. Concretely, the unions will lead “various demonstrations” and “awareness-raising at the regional level”.


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While thousands of workers will probably go on strike in the whole country, Brussels is no exception in this regard.

“The probable participation of members of the STIB staff to this day might disrupt circulation of trams, bus and metros this day,” the STIB states.

STIB will be particularly active on social networks, and you will therefore be informed about traffic as of 6.00 am on its Twitter and Facebook account.

The website as well as a Phone centre (070/23.20.00) will also provide useful information. You might then have to plan alternative ways or consider other modes of transportation (bike?) to reach your working place.

Please be aware that the strikes might affect many services in Belgium. If you’re used to using SNCB, TEC or De Lijn, it also might be useful to look for additional information with regard to disruptions.