Heavy traffic on the highways predicted for this weekend

Christmas holidays are coming to an end and many winter sports enthusiasts will return to their homes this weekend, which could result in traffic jams on the highway.

“The expected heavy snowfall in Austria will cause significant traffic jams,” explains Joni Junes, from the VAB (Flemish drivers’ association). Heavy snowfall is expected in the Salzburg region as well as on the Tyrol this weekend.

The returns have also started earlier than usual this year due to the closure of several Austrian ski areas because of the wind.


Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash


Touring forecasts heavy traffic on the E40 and E411 Saturday and especially on Sunday afternoon. Traffic will also be heavy Saturday in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to Touring.

The VAB foresees important traffic jams on Saturday in Austria, where up to half a meter of snow is expected. “It is strongly recommended that people who return on Saturday from Austria or the Italian Tyrol leave before 6:00 am because the queues will be formed early,” said the VAB spokesman. The use of chains may be necessary in the mountains.

The roads from France, on the other hand, are expected to show more steady transit flows, reports the VAB.