How does the Lodzkie Region in Poland help companies expand into foreign markets?

Support in developing local companies, promotion of regional products in an international environment, building a cooperation network with institutions from other European regions – these are the priority activities of the Lodz Region to entrepreneurs. Check out what we can do for you!
How to develop a business and make an appearance in an international environment? Entrepreneurs have been asking this question for years, regardless of the market situation. It is obvious that the crucial thing is to come up with an idea, and then to find the right resources and build a coherent development strategy.
Projects aimed at economic promotion, implemented under the patronage of the Marshal of the Lodzkie Region, Grzegorz Schreiber, represent a comprehensive support offer for the region’s entrepreneurs!
Thanks to them, companies have an opportunity to advertise themselves during the largest and most renown global industry events. They strengthen their commercial standing and establish international business contacts.
Especially noteworthy is the project “Lodzkie w Brussels supports Lodzkie business”, which aims not only to actively promote domestic brands in the Benelux countries, but also to help build and maintain lasting relationships with foreign contractors. The spectrum of activities covers various industrial directions, which translates directly into great interest on the part of local business owners. Participation in the project offers an incredible opportunity for development.

How does the Lodzkie Region help in concrete?

As part of the project, economic events and business meetings with foreign investors, as well as workshops and conferences are organized.
Thanks to this, a Lodz-Brussels cooperation network is being built, providing a market for goods from our region.
It is also important to help build a professional image of Polish companies in the West, which directly translates into increased exports of products and services. The Regional Office of the Lodzkie Region “Lodzkie House” operates in Brussels.
It is not only a place for B2B meetings, but also a valuable source of information related to regional policy and regulations in force in the European Union. It provides an invaluable support for all companies that are serious about their exports, aimed precisely at Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The Lodzkie Region offers active and practical support, providing fair booths for companies willing to participate in the project. All this despite the economic turmoil and the difficult time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
It is also worth mentioning that in the coming year participation in trade fairs is planned, with recruitment already underway. These are the international construction fair BATIBOUW 2022, which will be held in Brussels at the end of May, and the March international food industry fair TAVOLA. During both events, the Forum of Polish Entrepreneurs will be organized, to which Grzegorz Schreiber, Marshal of the Lodzkie Region, warmly invites you.
Project film – Lodz for BUSINESS – Benelux countries.

Polish companies from the Lodzkie Region ready to develop their businesses in the Benelux countries!

Innovation, modernity, ecology, experience and export potential are the attributes of companies participating in the project “Lodzkie in Brussels supports Lodzkie business”.
Meet the companies that have decided on the development path of their companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg!
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The article is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the budget of the Local Government of the Lodzkie Region within the project “Lodzkie w Brussels supports Lodzkie business. Promotion of a comprehensive export offer for enterprises from the region ”.