Image of Brussels revived thanks to campaign launched after 2016 terrorist attacks

“Where will Brussels take you?” was a powerful campaign aired in 7 European countries which was initiated by from May to November 2017 in order to restore the image of the capital after the terrorist attacks of 2016.

The campaign was aired on Belgian, French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish digital platforms, as well as shown in display, on social networks as well as Youtube, where it reached a total of 427,14,262 views. The aim wasn’t just to restore Brussels’ image, it was also perceived as a way to show tourists how to personalize their visit based on their interests. As such, by using a digital platform they could design their personalized visit.



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Two years ago, une journée qui a marqué la belgique #brusselslockdown

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A survey conducted in these 7 countries, from March to April showed that the campaign had positive results as 9 out of 10 Europeans had a positive view of Brussels after the campaign. It is important to note that 8 out of 10 participants already had a positive image of Brussels even before the campaign. Among the respondents, 59% thought that Brussels is a culturally rich city, and this percentage stood at 51% before the campaign.

According to the survey, “Where will Brussels take you?” was a successful campaign, since 65% of the respondents though that it encouraged people to visit Brussels and 61% say that their interest on Brussels increased after being exposed to the campaign.