In 2018 Brussels was the setting for more than 20 films and 12 TV series

Last year, 23 feature films and 12 television series were filmed in the Brussels, reported Belgian news outlet La Dernière Heure.

In 2018, followed about 35 film productions: 23 feature films (including 12 international projects) and 12 television series or web series, including 5 projects. International.’ main mission is to coordinate and facilitate all types of shooting in the Brussels region.



The areas most sought after by filmmakers are located on the territory of the City of Brussels (nearly 70% of total filming and 50% of feature film shoots).

The enthusiasm of directors for filming is explained by the geographical location of Belgium, and Brussels in particular, in the heart of Europe.

“That’s why we host a lot of French, British, German or Italian co-productions,” reported “Moreover, the variety of decorations plays a major role. There are both rural and country landscapes as well as green spaces. There is also the Brussels canal, medieval streets, neoclassical architecture, Art Nouveau and Art Deco heritage which is very attractive.”