In addition to Brussels City, Ixelles is considering the ban of trucks in its territory

Some months after the local elections took place across Belgium, the new majorities can start implementing their political programme.

In Ixelles, both the Greens and the Socialists, which have formed a coalition to rule the commune, have announced in their political agreement that they want to ban the trucks over 7.5 tonnes.

The point is quite clear. It is about making citizens’ life better and more enjoyable, as narrow streets are not adequate to ‘host’ massive trucks, as some of them can literally block a street.

The local authorities, however, do not want to process the request as quickly as possible. No decision has been made so far, and Yves Rouyet, a councillor in charge of mobility, told news outlet, Bx1, that a dialogue will be conducted with Brussels-Capital and the neighbouring communes.

In case such a decision is made over the upcoming months, Ixelles would join Brussels, which has already banned the 7.5 tonne trucks in its territory.


From: Nigel Tadyanehondo – Unsplash


Although the initiative could be perceived as a significantly popular measure, there are of course some impacts. Febetra, the Belgian federation for transports, found it irrelevant. Isabelle de Maegt, Febreta’s spokesperson, explains the use of vans would induce higher costs as well as it would lead to more traffic jams.

This is why an impact assessment will be needed before making a decision.