300 scientists call for a global climate protest on March 15th

Three hundred Belgian, French and Swiss researchers have joined to support the cause of the young girl Swede Greta Thunberg, along with the thousands of students who have participated in climate-change marches every Thursday for weeks now.

The scientists called for a global climate strike on March 15th.

The Youth for Climate movement have announced a European Action Day in 38 countries on March 15. This “Global Strike for Future” demands concrete measures to fight climate change.

In Belgium it will take take place in Brussels starting from Gare du Nord.


Moreover, the signatures that have been collected imply that they’ve tried all possible methods so far. According to scientists, the gap between decision makers and those who are affected is considerably big. They’re aiming to affect those who hold economic power, decision-makers, and leaders.

The cards which have been widely shared, such as by Le Soir, De Morgen and Bx1, they wrote several messages. One of them saying: “It has become a moral and political imperative for those who possess a piece of knowledge to accompany and encourage this mobilization of youth, to seek with it and with the greatest number of progressive and effective responses to the challenges we are now confronted with”.