Ixelles Museum to close for four years

The Museum of Ixelles will close for four years as of March for renovation.

The Commune of Ixelles aims to make the Museum more modern and better integrated into the neighbourhood. The main entrance will be subject to the main works in order to make the building more visible. The building works will also provide the museum with more light, as it’s current structure often shadows some of the works as well as adding some extra rooms.


The total cost of the work is roughly €2.5 million – half of it is covered by the Ixelles Communes. “More than ever before, it will be possible to define the Museum’s place at the heart of Ixelles, to rethink its links with the population, its civic role, and the way it is run. It is quite a far-reaching project, to the delight of its ever-growing number of visitors”  says Dominique Dufourny, the Mayor of Ixelles.

During the upcoming four years, the employees will continue working, as they have to collect and register more than 10,000 pieces of art. Some of the pieces will also be taken to other museums across Europe.

The Museum will hold a massive farewell party before the closure. From 2nd to 4th of March, all Ixellois are welcome to celebrate the renovation by attending to a variety of gigs and shows at the Ixelles Museum. The programme will soon be available here.