King Albert II might have to pay a penalty of 5000€ per day if he refuses a DNA test

The Brussels Court of Appeal has delivered its judgement on the case concerning King Albert II.

He has been asked to submit his DNA samples to a forensic expert. If he does not agree, he will have to pay a penalty of 5,000 Euros per day.  The penalty will apply starting from the first day of delay after the date of convening the expert.

Delphine Boël claimed that Jacques Boël was not her father. Albert II was asked to submit to DNA tests in order to establish whether or not he is the father of Delphine Boël on October.  He appealed in court, which is still pending, as he considered this analysis premature.


Albert II_of_Belgium
By Voka Kamer van Koophandel Limburg –  CC BY 2.0


As soon as the DNA samples are submitted, the expert who was appointed by the Court will carry out comparative DNA analysis of Delphine Boël, her mother Sybille de Selys Longchamp and King Albert II.

Delphine Boël’s lawyer stated:  “This problem of the penalty is for me very secondary. The King challenged the scope of the first decision. Today the Court of Appeal has confirmed this decision. It is unimaginable that a former head of state does not respect the rule of law”.

Meanwhile Alain Berenboom, the lawyer of King Albert II, added that considering that the DNA results will be kept secret pending a decision of the court of appeal, the King could accept this test. He added that the King “was not opposed in principle, but considered it premature”.

“I have not yet been able to consult with him, I will see him on Monday, and I will communicate his answer earlier this week,  stated Berenboom.