Les Brigittines – The dinner you won’t forget

Les Brigittines is an institution in Brussels, as well-known for its name as for its chef and owner Dirk Myny, who opened this place 25 years ago. He’s a true gourmand with a great taste for wines, conventional or natural, and of course for amazing food. You’ll be able to eat some very traditional dishes at the spacious restaurant close to Sablon, but also several unexpected and experimental compositions.

The restaurant is one big dining room, decorated in a romantic and somehow mystic way: it’s painted in a dark forest green, decorated with fresh flowers, green leather cushions, old paintings and other Art Nouveau pieces. In the middle of the room there’s a large, heavy, wooden commode with even more fresh and colorful flowers on it. Dark brown wooden tables and heavy chairs put you in the perfect mood to have a more-course dinner and three or more glasses of wine. The waiters are neatly dressed and are very polite and helpful. You could say that there’s some kitsch to the whole place, but it’s just the right amount.


Les Brigittines


The menu changes depending on season, but you’re able to order many of the traditional dishes all-year-round. Belgian food culture includes dishes such as intestines or brain and Les Brigittines serves these, but also pig feet, udder, and other curiosities. If this is not for you, don’t worry. There are many other choices, such as their delightfully tasty and soft pork belly with cubes of raw tuna on top, seasoned with spicy ginger, fresh cilantro and green lime. You could also try the rich, creamy soup from grey shrimps that Dirk orders from the North Sea.

A classic is, without question, the roasted chicken cooked in vinegar that arrives at your table served by the chef himself and accompanied by loud, cheerful music. If your dinner hasn’t been an event until that point, it certainly is now. Another must is their changing fish dishes, the pigeon, or simply the beef steak. Make sure you try the ‘Geuze’, a special, quite sour Belgian beer, fermented in a copper barrel for over a year.


Dirk Myny pays very special attention to the ingredients he uses and therefore you’ll always find something new when enjoying your meal at his restaurant. It’s the comforting food you want to eat on rainy evenings or sunny lunches just to leave with that little, good amount of tipsiness.

Price: 3-course lunch is 35 €, 4-course market menu is 55 €, 6-course menu “canaille” is 75 €, à la carte starters are 14-21€, main dishes are 25-35€, wines are

Address: Place de la Chapelle 5, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium