Support families in need during your spring cleaning


Since the launch at the beginning of the year, the CLOTHESUP project of SB OverSeas has been picking up clothing donations from all around Brussels, as well as some Belgian towns, like Antwerp and Liege as well as villages.

We have already collected clothing from all 19 municipalities in Brussels. We’ve been lucky to be welcomed into your homes and that the Belgian community has continued to support us. We’ve begun to establish a bond of trust between the community and SB OverSeas, so much so that some have made donations several times.

While our lofty goal of sending 25 tons of donations to Lebanon was unfortunately not met by our deadline in April, we will still push to get to 25 in order to send the truck in a couple of months at the beginning of summer.

So we need your support!

Moving to a new city, or entering a new life stage?

Whether you’re moving to a new city or starting a new job, these changes will be reflected in your closet. It’s not practical to bring every single piece of clothing you own to your new home, so make use of this opportunity to declutter. Furthermore, if you’re moving from a colder to warmer climate, it’s the right time to donate those coats hanging in your closet.

Need ego boost before the start of summer?

Doing a good deed like donating your old clothes will make you feel good because you’re doing something for a worthy cause. You’re getting rid of the clutter in your home and helping others at the same time. Not only are you helping us support refugees in Lebanon, you are helping to reduce the amount of trash and waste in the world by recycling.

Nearly 100% of the textiles in your home can be recycled and donated, regardless of the quality or condition. This means you really have no reason not to donate your old clothes! It’s better for the environment, it helps families in need.

So how can you donate?

Watch the video above, or check out our website: where we have all the details on how to schedule a pick up.

What DO we accept?

  • Any sort of clothes, both for winter and summer seasons, mainly for women and children, but also for men
  • Underwear
  • Bed sheets and blankets
  • Shoes and socks
  • Gloves, scarfs
  • Soft or plush toys

What do we NOT accept? 

  • Torn or dirty clothing items
  • Furniture
  • Electronic devices
  • Plastic toys and toys with battery or functioning with electricity

If you’d like to donate these types of items, consider bringing them to your local Les Petits Riens.

For people who live in Waterloo, Wavre and Louvain la-Neuve as well as other nearby areas: we have another center to drop them off the addressee is VitàNet Sprl, Grand’Route 236, 1428 Lillois.

Read more about SB OverSeas and make a request for pick up!