KVS, La Monnaie and Théâtre National join forces for culture: Troika pass

After many seasons of working together KVS, La Monnaie and the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles are reinventing their constellation. Transcending institutional and linguistic barriers, exploring new horizons, developing a common artistic program in the capital. These are some of the objectives of the Troika project.

“We will continue to share our artists and to abolish the traditional boundaries between music, opera and theatre. We will continue to encourage our public to discover other locations. We want the public to know more theaters, and the theaters to know more public. But more importantly, Troika is an artistic collaboration between federal, Flemish and francophone creating theatres in Brussels. Our explicit goal is to transcend the inherent Belgian institutional boundaries and to underline the multicultural and multilingual identity of our country.” they announced on a joint statement.



Next season the three houses will present no less than seventeen dance productions and thus offer Brussels a vast dance scene. The public will be able to rediscover house choreographers and discover new artists. They will also be sharing certain productions, or highlighting productions of the others.

As you notice, the collaboration between the three Brussels’ institutions will from today on take on multiple forms, and offer the international, Dutch-speaking en francophone visitor a rare opportunity to discover the many facets of our capital’s cultural offering.

To enable a maximum of people to have access to this rich programming, they will introduce the Troika pass. It will be available for €9 and grant a 20% reduction on all tickets bought in any of the three houses on any Troika dance production. Season ticket holders of KVS, La Monnaie and Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles can on simple request receive the Troika pass for free.