Discover the marché des abattoirs in Anderlecht

Come visit one of the most impressive open-air market in Brussels!

Have you ever been to Anderlecht, one of the Brussels’ communes? If not, you should go to the abattoirs from Friday to Sunday morning. Walking across the market would be a perfect way of introduction, far away from the EU bubble.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, thousands of Brusselians are indeed used to rushing to the abattoirs d’Anderlecht. Why do they all go there? It is quite easy to get. You will find almost everything you need in terms of food and grocery for very affordable prices.

In case you have not been aware of it, shopping on the market could be cheaper than shopping in a supermarket in Brussels. In the abattoirs, if you come with EUR 20 bill at  11.00 am, you will have the chance to buy as many vegetables and fruits as you need for the whole week! You also can find exotic and rare fruits there.

But the abattoirs are not only about shopping and coming back home. Indeed, it is also about having a small walk on the aisles and listening to all the salesmen screaming and trying to catch you. You can taste hundreds of products in a couple of minutes and you will definitely have good discounts if you have a chat with someone.

And as the space is massive, you never feel oppressed. You indeed can stay here one hour and just chill in the different stalls.

After you purchased everything you needed, let’s relax! You can enjoy a Moroccan pancake or fish in a terrace, while having a drink at the same time.

In a nutshell, it is far away from the EU bubble and Brusselian diplomatic life. That’s absolutely worth popping down there to have a better insight of Brussels, especially the southern-western part.

How to go there? Take the subway (line 2 and 6) to Simonis or Roi Baudouin. Then go off to Clémenceau and you will find the market after a 3-minute walk. The market is open from Friday to Sunday, from 7.00 am to 2.00 pm.