La Pomme de Magritte

Have you heard about René Magritte, the Belgian artist who became famous for his surreal and intriguing pictures?

One of his most famous paintings – most certainly you’ve seen it somewhere- is a business man with the face covered by a green apple. His works are eclectic, varied and abstract; they known for challenging the observer’s perception of reality and understanding of the ordinary. The artist is still appreciated both from critics and art lovers: his pictures still embody modern topics and represent the difficulties, thoughts and doubts of the human nature.

If you are a devoted fan of Magritte, or you just discovered him and would like to know something more, you have several options. One could be visiting the Magritte museum in the heart of Brussels, at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. You could visit the painter’s house, now a museum on his work, life and on the Belgian surrealist group. You may take one of the organized walks in Jatte or in Brussels, discovering the artist’s favourite spots in the city, or even visit the Atomium, from the 21st of September, for the exhibition dedicated to Magritte. A last option may be visiting “La Pomme de Magritte”, an exhibition at Le Phare (Uccle), taking place from the 5th to the 30th of September.

This exhibition has been set up, designed and illustrated by Klaas Verplancke, a freelance illustrator, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Magritte’s death. The drawings aim to make this exhibition interesting and pedagogic, but the use of humor and the soft poetic details enrich the illustrations, giving them more depth and charm.

Mr. Verplancke created the expo to provide both the children and the adults with an overall insight into the Magritte’s work, and to introduce them to the work and life of a great artist. The exhibition also offers reading and drawing workshops for children: Verplancke organized them with Arevik d’Or, to involve more the children and bring art closer to them.