Portuguese weekend in Brussels

This weekend Portugal is in focus in Brussels thanks to artisanal beer and football. 

Part 1 – Portuguese Beer

As the 10th anniversary celebrations are still going on at Moeder Lambic, you will have the chance to drink Portuguese artisanal beers this weekend. What? Portugal? A beer producer? It could sound a bit unexpected, especially when you live in Belgium. But as almost all the countries around the World, dozens of breweries are based in Portugal, and it is definitely worth tasting them.

If you are a regular reader, you probably remember we sat down a couple of weeks ago with Jean Hummler, one of the two Moeder Lambic’s owners, as this mythical Brusselian bar has been celebrating its 10th anniversary over the lasts weeks. After Cantillon, Tilquin or La Franche had the opportunity to come over and present a special beer for this anniversary, Portugal is now coming at the top of the agenda.

You can then taste 18 beers which come from 4 different breweries: Letra, Post Scriptum, Mean Sardine and Dois Corvos. As the owner explained last time, all the breweries must comply with some criteria under de bar’s rules. So no worries, you will not taste industrial drinks but artisanal ones! The producers will also be there, so you can ask all the questions you have about beer and Portugal.

Craft Beer and Football

Publié par Dois Corvos sur samedi 7 janvier 2017


If you are a beer traveller, no need to travel the World to fill your next destination. You just definitely should pop down a couple of hours at Moeder Lambic (Fontainas) on Saturday and Sunday and it will be enough. Saúde!

Part 2 – Sporting vs. Benfica

5 games to go. 5 more battles for Benfica and Porto. Benfica is leading the Liga with just one more point than Porto. Both times suffered the same number of goals, have scored almost the same goals (63 to Porto and 61 to Benfica) and have draw both games between them.

Sporting appears here as an outsider. It is unlikely that they win the Liga. With 63 points they receive Benfica for a final battle. The derby will start tonight at 21:30.

If you want to continue your Portuguese journey, Brussels Express  selected 3 restaurants where you can still book a table to watch the game! and if you have time diner…

Restaurant Caramulo
Address: Rue de la Brasserie 132 – 1050 – Brussels
Telephone: 02 644 59 48

Café Portugal
Address: Avenue de la Couronne 106 – 1050 – Brussels
Telephone: 02 649 41 19

Panela de Barro 
Boulevard du Midi 108 – 1050 – Brussels
Telephone: 0485 30 69 84