Legendary nightclub Mirano to reopen at the end of September

The “Le Mirano” nightclub, located on the Chaussée de Louvain in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, will reopen at the end of September after two years of intensive renovation, its club manager, Tanguy Dimanche, and its director, Behrad Hatefi, announced on Tuesday.

The renovation, carried out in collaboration with the regional department of Monuments and Sites, aimed to restore the nightclub, which has been on the conservation list since March 1997, to its former glory of the 1930s. Clubbing will remain at the heart of the nightclub’s weekly programme, but it will also be open to cultural events.



The “Ciné Mirano” cinema, which opened its doors in 1934, closed down in 1978. It was transformed into a disco in 1981.

Tanguy Dimanche and Behrad Hatefi took over the management of the renovation as part of the “Art Blanc” group in June 2017. The group already has many hotels and restaurants in Brussels and Wallonia, including the restaurant “Les Brasseries Georges”, the discotheque “Spirito” and the event room “Quay 01”.

Two weeks after purchasing the nightclub, the decision was taken to launch a major renovation project. From the gold/black colour codes to the choice of materials such as limestone or wooden panelling and the (re)introduction of neon lights, everything possible has been done to return the place to its former glory.

Theatre, dance….

The rotating dance floor has been taken off its carousel motor for a modernised system. Enlarged and adorned with a golden curtain similar to the one that reveals the cinema screen, the stage will welcome clubbing audiences on weekends, as well as theatre, contemporary dance shows and concerts during the week. The new lighting structure was the biggest challenge of the project, as it required the entire roof to be renovated. The sound has also been completely redesigned to better suit different types of music and events.

Acoustic insulation was installed on the entire roof and on the adjoining walls to appease residents of the neighbourhood. The building has also been completely renovated to conform to modern safety standards.

As for club’s programme, music club nights will be held at least two evenings a week, with electro-style music playing on Friday and more urban music on Saturday.

“In clubbing, we want to surprise people, to make them discover new artists,” says Tanguy Dimanche. Behrad Hatefi also states that he wants to “open up the club to culture with photo exhibitions, shows, corporate events, and so on”.